Forthcoming Book on Chinese Poetic Culture

Mar 7, 2017 by

How to Read Chinese Poetry: Poetic Culture from Antiquity through the Tang has gone through peer review and is now in production at Columbia University Press.

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Jonathan Chaves’s Contribution to an Awarded Book on Chinese Painting

Feb 24, 2017 by

The George Wittenborn Award for best art book of the year goes to 17th-Century Chinese Paintings from the Tsao Family Collection, edited by Stephen Little (Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Prestel, 2016).

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Jonathan Chaves’s New Book

Oct 5, 2016 by

WEN TONG (1019-1079) is considered the supreme master of bamboo painting in the history of Chinese art. According to his friend and admirer, Su Shi (Dongpo), the greatest poet of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), “When Wen Tong painted bamboo, he himself became bamboo!” Wen was a poet as well, and perhaps because of his fame as a painter, his poetry has...

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Jonathan Chaves’ New Article on Sleeplessness in Asian Poetry

Apr 2, 2016 by

Please click here to read a new article on English translation of East Asian poems. This beautiful essay on sleeplessness in East Asian poetry is written by our forum member, Professor Jonathan Chaves.  

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