It’s our pleasure to post the announcement of this exciting conference that will take place three days from now on the OSU campus.  If the conference’s theme or any individual papers are of interest to you, we hope you will attend the conference or request information from the conference organizers Patricia Sieber and Regina Llamas or from individual presenters.

The end product of this project will be How to Read Chinese Drama: A Guided Anthology.  This book will be the fourth volume in the 10-volume series How to Read Chinese Literature with Columbia University Press, the first three being How to Read Chinese Poetry: A Guided Anthology (2008), How to Read Chinese Poetry Workbook (2012), and How to Read Chinese Poetry in Context: Poetic Culture from Antiquity through the Tang (forthcoming in 2017).

The fiction and prose sets are also in the works.  We wish to obtain input from you, especially those of you on the front line of undergraduate teaching, on what Chinese literary texts are most captivating to the undergraduate audience and what strategies and methods you find most effective in teaching them.  Please kindly send your input to the volume editors: Patricia Sieber ( and Regina Llamas ( for drama, Shang Wei ( for fiction, and Zong-qi Cai ( for prose.  Our sincere thanks!

Please click the poster below for a PDF of the drama conference’s detailed schedule.