We hope that you will join us in this symposium on the impact of critical theory on Sinological literary studies since the 20th century.  NO REGISTRATION is required.  Although we do not have time to interact with the audience during the symposium, we do wish to hear your thoughts and present them in a public fashion.  Please send in your comments, suggestions, and proposals for possible roundtable discussion to jclcoffice@gmail.com.

If we can get sufficient feedback from the audience, we hope to organize online roundtables on various topics of interest (including those proposed by the audience),  about half a year after the symposium.   At the round tables, we will have a reversal of roles: the selected members of the audience will take the podium while the symposium speakers will listen and answer questions.  We particularly welcome the participation of young scholars and graduate students.

                                                                                                                                                               JCLC Illinois Office