Dear friends, *How to Read Chinese Prose: A Guided Anthology* edited by me is now immediately available at and at the Columbia University Press website (code CUP20 for 20% discount). In addition to the book description and reviews posted on the Amazon site, here is a link ( to the quasi-final files of “A Note on How to Use this Anthology,” the Introduction, and chapter 1.

This anthology and the language companion *How to Read Chinese Prose in Chinese: A Course in Classical Chinese” are a highly integrated set, with extensive intervolume cross-references and each complete with sound recordings. I hope this anthology will provide suitable prose writings for courses in Chinese literature, history, philosophy, as well as culture in general. It would be great if it could also serve as a core text for developing a course in Chinese prose.

My heartfelt thanks to the chapter authors for their excellent contributions and to the nine colleagues for gracing this anthology and its language companion with blurbs!

If you spot any errors in this anthology, please kindly let me know so that we can enter corrections before the next printing. Nowadays CUP and other academic presses have small print runs but reprint frequently, making timely corrections possible. Although we tried as much as possible to catch them, it is inevitable that errors remain in this book of 440 pages. Any other suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated as well.

–Zong-qi Cai

How to Read Chinese Prose