Dear colleagues and friends, How to Read Chinese Drama: A Guided Anthology edited by Patricia Sieber and Regina Llamas is now immediately available at Amazon and at the Columbia University Press website (code CUP20 for 20% discount). The book description, table of contents, and reviews can be viewed at…/how-to-read…/9780231546669 .

The companion volume How to Read Chinese Drama: a Language Companion co-authored by Guo Yingde, Wenbo Chang, Patricia Sieber, and Xiaohui Zhang is now in press and will come out later this year. Of the ten-book How to Read Chinese Literature series, we have brought out the poetry set (three volumes), the prose set (two volumes), and the drama set (two volumes). We are now working hard on three remaining volumes: the fiction set (two volumes) and the guided anthology of Chinese literary theory.

If you spot any errors in this anthology, please kindly let us know so that we can enter corrections before the next printing. Nowadays CUP and other academic presses have small print runs but reprint frequently, making timely corrections possible. Although we tried as much as possible to catch them, it is inevitable that errors remain in this book of 481 pages. Any other suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated as well.

–Zong-qi Cai

How to Read Chinese Drama