Dear colleagues, I am pleased to announce the publication of The Reinvention of Chinese Literature, 1910-2010 (, the inaugural volume of the Brill series Chinese Texts in the World. Its table of contents is appended to the end of this message.

Chinese Texts in the World publishes scholarly works on the reception, transmission, assimilation, and reinvention of Chinese texts in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas; as well as critical studies that explore new pathways connecting Chinese texts with today’s world.

Whether Chinese texts were transmitted along the ancient Silk Road, or through modern digital technologies, such well-traveled texts hold great promise for illuminating multiple aspects of China’s cultural relations with the world. The same holds true for the examination how reconfigured Chinese texts made their way back to China, to be reconstituted as culturally polyvalent, hybrid “imports”.

Critical studies explore new ways of engaging Chinese texts with non-Chinese intellectual and cultural traditions. Such studies include, but are not limited to, a traditional textually grounded Sinological work that contains a substantive dialogue with for instance Western texts; a collaborative work by Asia-based and non-Asia-based scholars on the critical issues important to different traditions; and even a work on non-Chinese texts as long as it significantly draws insights from or engages a substantive dialogue with the Chinese traditions.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals to Christa Stevens <>, the editor in charge of this series at BRILL.


Introduction to Writerly Engagement (Stephen Roddy and Zong-qi Cai)

1 Walter Benjamin’s China (William Cheung)

2 The Chinese Written Character and the Reinvention of Western and Chinese Poetry: Ernest Fenollosa and Ezra Pound (Xiaohui Zhang and Zong-qi Cai)

3 A Semiopoetic Reimagination of Concreteness: Chinese Ideograms in Haroldo de Campos (Inez Xingyue Zhou)

4 A Poet-Knight-Errant Traveling North: Three Russian Poets’ Translations of Li Bai (Xiaolu Ma)

5 Robert Hans van Gulik and the Reinvention of Chinese Detective

Fiction (Yunte Huang)

6 Rethinking Pearl S. Buck and Tanci Fiction (Yu Zhang)

7 Transcultural, Transmedial Reinvention: Shuihu zhuan 水滸傳 (WaterMargin) from Chinese Classic to Italian Comic Art (Martina Caschera)

8 A Post-Orientalist Turn: Pascal Quignard, Michèle Métail, and

China (Xiaofan Amy Li)

9 Global South Feminisms in Maxine Hong Kingston’s Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts and Patricia Galvão’s Industrial Park (Ana Paulina Lee)

10 Sino-Pacifism: China in the Peace Work(s) of Maxine Hong Kingston,Kenneth Rexroth, & Lou Harrison (Stephen Roddy)