Dear Forum friends, I am pleased to share “Rethinking Authorship and Agency: Women and Gender in Late Imperial China”, the newest issue of the Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture (10:1), edited by Grace S Fong and Guojun Wang.

This special issue covers women and gender in the literature, culture, and history of late imperial China, specifically the authorship and agency of both women and men in the Ming and Qing periods. Contributors group the issue’s articles under three thematic titles: the guixiu, the cultivated gentlewomen of the inner chambers and their relation to poetic culture; gendered voices in literary writing and how women authors work within the existing literati writing tradition; and the relationship between authorship and womanly virtues.

Contributors to this issue are Lara C. W. Blanchard, Maram Epstein, Grace S. Fong, Martin W. Huang, Xiaorong Li, Jessica Dvorak Moyer, Janet Theiss, Guojun Wang, Yuefan Wang, Ellen Widmer, Binbin Yang, and Guo Yingde. 

Browse the table of contents and read Grace S. Fong’s article, “From Convention to Subversion: Case Studies on the Female Gaze in Premodern China,” available free for three months, here: This issue is available for purchase here:

This issue will be available at Project MUSE soon.  — Zong-qi Cai