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clc.1.1-2_cover_museThe Forum is the American co-sponsor of Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture (JCLC) . We hope that you will consider JCLC as a useful venue of publication and send us manuscripts that best showcase your scholarship.

Please take time to browse this page. As indicated by the tabs above, it introduces JCLC’s mission, content and editorial team and presents submission guidelines for your perusal or download. It also provides instructions on how to submit your works online and how to obtain FCPC members discounts on your subscription and purchases.

Mission Statement
Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, jointly sponsored by the International Academy for China Studies of Peking University and the Forum on Chinese Poetic Culture at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, aims to be a principal semiannual publication for scholars of premodern Chinese literature and culture. The journal presents cutting edge research on traditional Chinese poetry and poetics, fiction and prose, drama and vernacular literature, as well as all aspects of the broader literary culture. It also publishes works that study the shaping influence of the traditional literature and culture on modern and contemporary China. It provides a valuable venue for an in-depth dialogue and collaboration among scholars working in China, America, and other parts of the world.

All solicited and unsolicited manuscript will go through the same rigorous process of peer-review. The peer-review is doubly anonymous, with the names of the author and reviewers strictly kept confidential.

Temporal and Disciplinary Coverage
JCLC seeks to provide a balanced coverage of all the major literary genres and all the important historical periods through the three millennia of premodern China. It also aims to be interdisciplinary in methodology by situating the studies of the genre clusters within the broad fields of the arts, humanities, and social sciences—including traditional disciplines such as history, philosophy, and philology as well as interdisciplinary fields like comparative literature and women and gender studies.

Intellectual Levels
JCLC consists of two major components addressed to two different audiences: research articles written by and for academic professionals including graduate students, and feature essays introducing facets of traditional Chinese literature and culture to the general audience.
The highest standard of intellectual excellence is set for research articles. All published articles expect to provide an original analysis of known texts, introduces innovative methodologies or approaches to time-honored subjects, or present important discoveries of new material. Feature essays are pitched to the level of general educated readers, but they must go through the same peer-review process as research articles.

Special themed issues usually publish the results of intensive collaboration between Chinese and Western scholars through international conferences and symposiums on topics crucial to the advancement of the field. These issues will play a pivotal role of generating and intensifying interest in the studied topics and thereby help set the intellectual trends of the field. In selecting topics for special issues, we shall take into account both the intrinsic needs of the field as well as the latest scholarly development in the academy.

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Information Updated on 5/4/2015