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Links to various important organizations relating to Chinese poetic culture will be provided here. Please send your links to us.

Journal of Chinese Humanities (Journal)

 The peer-reviewed Journal of Chinese Humanities is an English-language extension of Literature, History and Philosophy (Wen Shi Zhe《文史哲》), a famous Chinese journal published by Shandong University. The content is not restricted to one aspect of Chinese culture but rather spans important topics within the fields of Chinese history, philosophy, and literature. It covers both traditional and modern areas of research. Importantly, as opposed to most English language journals that treat on Chinese studies, this journal aims to represent the current research coming out of mainland China. Thus each issue will be composed primarily of articles from Chinese scholars working at Chinese institutions, while at the same time including a small number of articles from foreign authors so as to provide opposing perspectives. This way, top scholars in China can be read in the Western world, and our Western readers will benefit from a native perspective and first hand material and research coming out of China. For more information, visit and BRILL.COM/JOCH  

嶺南學報 Lingnan Journal of Chinese Studies (Journal)

《嶺南學報》曾是中外聞名的雜誌,於1929年創辦,1952年因嶺南大學解散而閉刊。在這二十多年期間,學報刊載了陳寅恪、吳宓、楊樹達、王力、容庚等二十世紀最著名學者的許多重要文章,成為他們叱吒風雲,引領學術潮流的論壇。嶺南大學中文系復辦《嶺南學報》,旨在繼承發揚先輩嶺南學者的優秀學術傳統,為二十一世紀中國學的發展作出貢獻。《嶺南學報》與《中國文學與文化》(Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, 簡稱JCLC)為姐妹雜誌。《嶺南學報》不僅刊載來自漢語世界的學術論文,還發表JCLC 所接受英文論文的中文版,力爭做到同步或接近同步刊行。

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (Journal)

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (ISSN # 1520-9857), formerly Modern Chinese Literature (1984-1998), is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to the culture of modern and contemporary China, with “China” understood not in the narrow, political sense. The journal publishes on literature of all genres, film and television, popular culture, performance and visual art, print and material culture, etc.

MCLC Resource Center

This resource center contains, among other things, bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film, art, music, and culture and is maintained by Kirk A. Denton at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University, in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.

Chinese Literature Today (Journal)

Chinese Literature Today, a new title from the award-winning World Literature Today, grants the world direct access to China—poems that have been memorized and loved by countless readers, novels that have sold millions of copies, and literary essays that illuminate the many facets of Chinese literature and culture. CLT will feature both original literary works and groundbreaking critical essays. All genres of fiction and non-fiction are welcome, from poetry, short story, novella, and novel excerpts to literary essay and memoir. Book reviews, news, interviews, and visual arts will complete CLT’s coverage of China’s modern arts.

Ming Qing Women's Writings

The past decade has witnessed a surge of research interest in Chinese women’s literature, history, and culture of the Ming-Qing period (1368-1911) among scholars, researchers, and students in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, and Europe. Women’s history and culture are among the most rapidly changing and exciting avenues of new research in the China field and writings by women constitute a significant resource for ground-breaking studies. Chinese women’s writings not only allow us to access women’s experiences through their own voices, they also provide a gendered perspective on Chinese culture and society. However, most writings by women in pre-modern China have suffered from neglect and often only survive in unique manuscripts or rare published copies held by libraries in China. The general lack of accessibility to these fascinating and important texts has made it difficult to carry out extensive and in-depth research on them. The McGill-Harvard-Yenching Library Ming-Qing Women’s Writings Digitization Project aims to make accessible for scholarly research the valuable collection of writings by women of the Ming-Qing period in the holdings of the Harvard-Yenching Library. This website is the result of this joint project. Intended as an efficient means of access and preservation and a valuable resource for scholarly research, the website consists of a virtual library of archival digital images of Ming-Qing women’s writings in the Harvard-Yenching Library, augmented by the online scholarly apparatus designed and implemented by the McGill University team.

中国诗歌网 (Chinese Language)

The Research Center of Chinese Poetry was set up at Capital Normal University, Beijing, China in 1999, and approved as an important base of humanities and social sciences studies by the Ministry of Education in 2001.It is an institute parallel to a department or school at this university. Devoting to the studies on contemporary, modern and ancient time Chinese poetries and their forms as well as their poetics, it consists of three major branches such as Chinese Poetry Studies, Chinese Poetics Studies and Poetry Education & Dissemination. Chinese Poetry Studies is an ontological study of poetries including the Chinese poetry in Chinese, poetry of minority nationalities in China, poetry in Chinese by overseas Chinese poets, and comparison between Chinese and foreign poetries. Chinese Poetics Studies is a theoretical study of ancient Chinese poetics, modern and contemporary Chinese poetics, and comparative study of Chinese and foreign poetics. Poetry Education & Dissemination is an applied study of how to promote poetry, and how to encourage the reading public to appreciate it.

国学网 (Chinese Language)

与首都师范大学中国诗歌研究中心合办的“国学网”创办于2000年,是中国国内第一个以弘扬中国传统文化为基本任务的大型学术 型公益网站。作为中国文化的代表网站,已逐渐成为国内外众多国学爱好者喜爱的网上家园,为传统文化走向现代化架起了一座跨地域、超时空的桥梁。“国学网” 融国学资讯、专题研究、虚拟社区等各项功能为一体,开设有专题部、文献部、学人部、学术部、服务部等版块,日访问量达50多万人次。